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We are PCB boards Manufacturer that Specializing in 1-32 layers Rigid PCB boards and 1-2 layers Flexible printed board.
East PCB fabrication services providing Prototype PCB Boards and batch PCB Production. with extremely competitive price.

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PCB Prototypes

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Quick turn PCB

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Low cost PCB

High Quality

Fast fabrication

7days Delivery

Batch production

Factory Price

Team and Factory

PCB factory more than 800 skilled worker and contemporary machinery, we has won ISO9001, UL certified, RoHS, IPC standards etc.
Our team of experienced engineers continually improve PCB product quality, highly competitive prices, delivery on time, suit most customers's requirements

PCB Capability

Our PCB fabrication services offer high quality PCB boards, bring real and significant benefits for customer.
Multilayer to 32layers,  High TG 180, 4mil line 8mil drill, Impedance, Buried/ blind via, BGA etc.

Mission and Vision

Do the best and most reliable PCB Manufacturer

Extremely competitive price with high quality products.

Keep all costs to min and max customers' benefits!

Be your best China PCB Supplier, Best China FRIEND

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Address: Beijing, China

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